Once you square off a trade, the profit/loss that you make reflects in your realised profit. This will include your closed intraday equity and F&O positions. In case you square off a position of cash segment in intraday, it will have no effect on the realised profit, but the profit/loss made from this trade will be captured under available margin in your funds.

The marked-to-market losses for the open intraday equity and F&O positions will reflect in unrealised profit. Your available balance will be reduced to the extent of the marked-to-market losses. However, this would not be applicable to the marked-to-market profits and thus you would not benefit from it. Also, the realised and unrealised profit will be negative if there are any losses. 

Let us understand this with below example: 

Consider you have two open positions A & B. Let's look at how the unrealised profit differs in the following two scenarios.

Loss in position A
Profit in position BUnrealised profit (Available margin)