In order to dematerialize physical shares, you have to start by filling out a DRF (Demat Request Form). A separate DRF has to be filled for each ISIN (International Securities Identification Number) that you wish to dematerialize. 

Where can you find the form?
You can visit any nearest Kotak Securities branch to collect the DRF. If you require any assistance while filling out the form you can call your Kotak Securities Relationship Manager or Dealer. 

What other documents are to be submitted?
Along with the DRF, you will need to submit the physical share certificates that need to be dematerialized.

Where to submit the DRF?
You will need to submit your DRF and physical share certificates to the nearest Kotak Securities branch. Please note that we do not accept the dematerialization applications online. 

Are there any charges to be paid for the dematerialization request?
Yes, the dematerialization charges are Rs. 3/- per certificate and Rs. 50/- request.

When will the physical shares get dematerialized?
It can take up to 30 working days for Kotak Securities to dematerialize your shares. 

The dematerialization request can be rejected by the R&T (Registrar & Transfer) agent if during the authenticity verification–

  • The documents are found to be fake
  • The signatures don’t match
  • There is a third party claim 
  • There are any legal conflicts associated with the securities

NOTE: Your shares will be only dematerialized by Kotak Securities, if you are our client.