To place a sell order with NRML,
1. Go to portfolio through the bottom menu and switch to investments tab

2. You will view the list of the stocks you have invested in using Cash/NRML. Click on the stock which you wish to sell 

3. On the investments details screen click on the sell button 

4. Select the exchange as NSE or BSE from the bottom pop up. You can buy and sell in any of the two exchanges

5. Select the applicable product type as NRML and enter the number of shares you wish to sell


This creates a new sell (short) position on which the specified margin would be blocked

  • In case you have an existing NRML buy (long) position, this will square off that position

  • If you wish to sell from your existing holdings use product type as Cash (CNC)

  • Please be cautious that in case you have a net sell quantity in NRML which is not available in your DP, the same would be recovered in auction.

6. Enter the selling price to place a Limit order or choose the product type as Market to place a Market order.

7. Swipe to Sell and place the order, on the order confirmation screen, click on view orders button to view your order in the order book.