To sell a stock,

1. Go to portfolio through the bottom menu and switch to investments tab

2. You will get the list of the stocks you have invested in. Click on the stock you wish to sell

3. On the investments details screen click on the sell button

4. Select the exchange as NSE or BSE from the bottom pop up. You can buy and sell in any of the two exchanges

5. On the order form, under the “Invest tab”, enter the number of shares you wish to sell

6. Under Selling price, enter the “Limit price” to place a “Limit” order, at which you would wish to Sell the shares or choose the “Order type” as “Market” if you want to place a “Market” order and Sell the shares at “Market price”.

7. Review the Product types Cash or MTF to check the available quantities you hold and proceed further with your transaction. 

NRML Sell – will create a new sell (short) position. If you wish to sell from your existing holdings you need to choose from Cash or MTF basis of available quantities that you hold.

8. You can use the order summary link to review the order or simply “Swipe to sell” to place the order.

9. On the order confirmation screen, click on the view orders button to view your order in the order book.